Skin Treatments

Deep and long lasting biorevitalization

New patented formulation for optimal skin health and structure

Jalupro Super Hydro

The power of Amino acids, Peptides & high concentration HA

Collagen booster for skin rejuvenation

Amino Acids Rejuvenation Therapy
  • Activation of a metabolic processes
  • Restoring the normal structure of the dermis
  • Improving and support the nutrition of the tissue
  • Physiological rejuvenation of collagen structure in the area of
Jalupro AA functional cluster

A complementary range to synergize the injection

Jalupro Mask


• Hyaluronic acid: skin hydration
• Aloe Vera: reduction of edemas & inflammation post aesthetic procedures or sun exposure
• Collagen: stimulation & skin regeneration

Jalupro drink


Liquid Amino Acids (4,5 g)
• Glycine
• L-Proline
• L-Lysine

Vampire Facials

Vampire facial

A painless alternative to a facelift, we deliver this revitalizing treatment to provide a holistic approach to the face, rejuvenating the skin, healing any damaged areas and restoring the elasticity and collagen of your skin.

This facial is designed to cause trauma, which means your skin has to now heal, encouraging collagen and elasticity.

Step 1: Blood is taken
Step 2: Put the blood in to a centrifuge
Step 3: Spin the blood and separate the white and red blood cells

    • Red blood cells transport all the waste and toxins out of the body
    • White blood cells fight off infections and promote healing

Step 4: Use our new world award winning skin pen
Step 5: Treat with your own plasma rich platelets

Skin Pen