Oxygen Skin Therapy

What is Oxygen Therapy?

Using highly concentrated oxygen and Anion, reduce Reactive oxygen system, regenerates broken cells, boost Immunity, Improve troubling skin problems and rejuvenate your tired skins
Premium Anti-Aging Skin Care System


Introducing Our Product

Producing Oxygen & Anion

LED Oxygen – effects of oxygen &Anion

What is O2?

O2 is essential element that can regenerates broken
cells and decomposes lactate acid. Also it is known
for enhancing your ability to remember and focus. O2toDerm can produce 90% pure O2, making skins
respiration better, regenerating broken cells thus
rejuvenating your skin and achieving Anti-aging.

O2 is essential for cell regeneration

  • O2toDerm can give O2 which is essential for cell regrowth
  • Accelerates collagen production, softening wrinkles.
  • Eliminates ROS, which is primary source of skin aging.
  • Moisturize skin and revitalizing skin-tones by rebalancing Ph.

For complex skin problems, please use 7 in 1 near
infrared SMD LED light solution.


Spectrometers are LED instruments that use LED light to solve skin problems. Irradiation of specific wavelengths from 420 nm to 640 nm. It can solve skin problems such as skin regeneration and calming. Manufactured using excellent high-strength special near-infrared SAM LED components Outstanding results. Improves the risk of thermal damage, photoaging and trauma in general laser treatment problems. Moreover, the spectrometer It is a light source that is very safe and has no pain

Hb+O₂= HBO₂(Combined at lung)<-||->Hb + O₂(Separated to sustain body)** Separated Oxygen Anions are used by cells to breathe or combined with other Cations

[Cell respiration – Energy Production]

Product introduction

Spectrometer beauty instrument, exquisite appearance, unique design, selection of LED wick, precise depth of light source, through different color light source irradiation, can play a different effect on the skin care and treatment, compared with the common LED beauty instrument have different grades, South Korea’s newest beauty technology of a kind of biological active luminescence, no high fever, application of low energy pure light and unique light modulation technology for skin care and treatment, has a natural mild, significant effect, low risk, no side effects, and other characteristics, it’s a skin care specialist, applicable to all types of skin.

What can this LED oxygen machine for you?

Skin LED light has shown to be effective for the treatment of several aspects of the skin aging. The treatment of several aspects of the skin aging, multiple studies have demonstrated improvement of fine wrinkles, mottled hyperpigmentation ,tactile tactile roughness and sallowness, these results are supported by both collagen production and increase proliferation

1.Kill bacteria that cause spots and pimples
2.Great alternative to oral medications
3.Prevent breakouts
4.Minimize scarring

The effect of our LED oxygen

1) Kill bacteria that cause spots and pimples
2) Great alternative to oral medications
3) Prevent breakouts
4) Minimize scarring

Effects of oxygen & Anion

What is Anion?
In 1957, American biologist A.P Kruger defined Anion as “Vitamin from Air”, he also said Anion can rejuvenates
Respiratory, cell activity, and great for mental health

*** O2toDerm produce Anion 3,000 times more than any other natural environment

Anion : “Vitamin from Air”

– Reduce Reactive Oxygen System, Achieving Anti-Aging.
– Cleanse Vascular System
– Cell revitalization
– Improve Immunity

What is Anion Therapy?
– By Providing excessive electrons(Anion), stabilizing unstable atoms or molecules(Free Radical)

What is Reactive Oxygen System

What is Free Radical?
– atoms or Molecule that lost more than one electron.

– Free Radical cause Chain Reaction to gain electrons and Re-stabilize.

– ROS is production of Chain Reaction of Free Radical O2.

What is Reactive Oxygen System

Double sided aspect of ROS

1) Thyroxine (Thyroid hormone) and other hormone needs ROS to function
2) ROS is used for killing germs and bacteria infecting our body
3) ROS works as neurotransmitter
4) ROS is charge of cell growth and deviation. But problem starts when ROS exceeds normal range

Reason Reactive Oxygen System produce:

5) by-product from mitochondria after excessive exercise.
6) Produced by Enzyme reaction(phagocyte , Neutrophil granulocyte, macrophage, and other immune cells detects foreign bacteria or foreign matter and try to eliminates and decompose. At that moment ROS is produced.
7) Ionizing Radiation.(Radiation matter, Radon, Cosmic Radiation, CT, X-ray etc.)
8) Smoking, pesticide, burnt food, excessive exercise, sun ray, extreme stress.


O2 Whipping Mask Care

*** Dense and small bubbles cleanse corneous and sebum deeply in pore. Sustain Moisture by Protecting Skin barrier *** Whipping cream has little dose of peeling and cleansing substance so be sure to wipe themclean.
*** To use whipping cream. Add water and cream 1:1 and mix well

Revitalizing Ampoule care

*** Oxygen partial pressure makes skin respiration more so it makes skin absolve better. And then spray ampoule mist for maximum effect.

***Oxygen revitalizing Ample is consisted with Scots tree leaf extracts and other soothing ingredients. So it has remarkable moisturizing and relaxation effect. And it is good for recovering from laser and Micro needle Therapy System(MTS).


*** By Providing both 90% Pure Oxygen and Anions, it can reduce ROS and rebuild broken cells.

*** O2 whipping cream is weakly acid, and it also contains (+) Ion to help absolving Anion more easier

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