Alumier – Home care kit for Rosacea

Please be kind! I struggle with words at times it’s a condition I have, that’s whys it’s hard for me to think on the spot sometimes 😂
let’s keep it simple: home care kit is the most important part of your regime, just like the dentist metaphor!
1. sensi calm face wash: AMAZING
2. Everactive vit E&C, this is a must for every person no matter age, gender, face, problems
3:CalmR: for redness and irritation
4:Ulitmate boost: dry and dehydration
5. hyda calm moisturiser
6. SPF
7. Alumineye
8. Retinol eye gel. .
All treatments are tailored to suit your needs.
you need to look after the outside of the shell before trying to fix what’s underneath! this skin is the most important thing to treat in my opinion! 👩‍⚕️